breath through ground

the body scan wasn’t what made sense at the time

your long friend away in professional hands

his life more in danger with them than you

it’s so sunny dear

and i think you wish you were still in the beautiful oaks

all refracted mirroring currents

who gets the say in how we grieve?

unmoored and unmediated

you, moving backwards in black clothes and ashes before the life had even gone

system working exactly as planned

we never took your photo, your image is sacred and your own

to give or refuse

the graven image of the divine in you is sacrosanct

you were drawn

and if i cried easy i would now

so here is my image

im all black clad backwards in time too but i have this feeling

i adore how often i get that feeling and it is nothing but static and interference

old wires out of tune from the jump

i will attune with you soon

mere death 

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