i’m back

he’s always going to be my mixed up girl

and i mx. to untapped grace

i’ll say

if you find it now

fuck i hate to say this

if you find it now

fuck off have a nice time find your love and speak of me like lindsey like jessica like rebecca ann buckner like like like

my love for j.s. was always sapphic

but it was so drawn out

our brokens were beautiful in front of a cathode GIANT tv circa 2012/3/whatistime

we drank and smoked and had a patio but instead smoked and drank inside and i longed and that stupid fuck?…. i don’t know

distant fuckers are drugs

distant disordered lovebombers?

do they have nice collarbones that smell like…. there’s no words it’s base instinct pheromones

i died and it’s good

i want so badly to curse him


no curses unless you are sure you are willing to tip the scales back up on yourself

ricochet effects to achieve homeostasis

the more careless and frivolous the casting of wide wide nets, the more it will hurt

or something else grander and unknowable

so i won’t curse

not that he doesn’t deserve it

not that i will ever forgive snow feb 2019

not that i doubt my burgeoning coven to fucking sort it


im tired and the work goes on

so fuck it

let’s do it live

i’ll listen to i alone and euphoria morning and of montreal forever

he can have prince

that shit was so fucking weird

there’s a lesson i keep not learning


in the basement there is a echo of all those carbon coby alcoholic *artists*

he’s sober and sweet and i am sure i could have him suck the strap in lace

ah fuck now im hot and bothered

how about a traditional low stakes curse

so fuck you jeremy michael springsteed and may your stupid last name be misspelled forever and ever

you have fucked me up so immensely for a decade

sometimes i’m sadder about you than about my dad

so fuck you

watching you destroy a potentially special relationship between you and your daughter you got replaced because you sucked

my dad died

jeremy you are just a fucking sorry piece of shit to not keep fighting

i won’t curse you

if you get it together and your daughter holds your hand while you die as she sweetly weeps and you are old and comfortable

then blessed be

i won’t curse you

i will forget your hold

i won’t sodomize the next emotionally available and sweet sober blue eyes blond hair man am i describing someone specific or an archetype?

wouldn’t jungian like to know?

so this has been a lot for me

has it been for you too?

that’s ok

rape / abuse / grief / pegging / shitty dads / witchcraft

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